Revenge of the Damned

heads outside my window
speaking the language of the dead
their voices strained with agony
their souls lost forever in the void
they seek retribution
they seek a change
from their tortured existence
their voices rise in harmony
cursing the one
who had damned them
cursing the one who laughed
at their misfortune
cursing he who thought
he ruled their world
their voices
lifted upon the air
and carried by the wind
reached the wicked one
he heard their chant and laughed
when blood flew from his mouth
when he fell to the ground
and his head
floated to the ones he damned
when they devoured him
his soul caught in limbo
as they now laughed
at him
relishing his taste
in their revenge
their spirits rose
and disappeared

this poem is expanded from a dream I had in 1989.
make of it what you will.
written 2011



I look out the window of my soul

I no longer see your face hiding there

how many days have passed

since the shadow of your soul

has left my mind?

my heart spills over, and, oh!

how the tears fall unexpected on this tired face!

will this relief last


are you mocking me with your disappearance?

what images await my soul

now that the stranger


missing in action

my heart rejoices while my soul

cries for more

– my soul! –

written 29 January 2012