flames leap and dance

the air wonders briefly how it

survived without such warmth


Oh, This Darkness

the bubble of truth
into the garden
of obscenities
absent though your heart
may be
I cherish the thoughts
that race
into oblivion
darkness floods the
ever present
knowledge of light
flowing steadily
this anti thesis
of eternal water
troublesome and ever present
in the mind
of the believer
this darkness
oh, this darkness
I see into your soul’s eye


heart ticking loudly
maddening in its eccentricity
burning the past
with the flames
of tomorrow

the universe speaks
but who will listen
to its secrets

clock winds up for the pitch
and strikes out
the darkened prophet
as the sky
rains down anguish and
from its mind

a web of dreams
wiped from the face
of regret
and sung into the ears
of an unknown generation

hail to the wind
as it hurls the dreams
into the minds of others



Three Days Grace Vivo

Anyone who knows me knows this is one of my favorite bands. It’s actually a family favorite-as soon as my brother in law gets his guitar fixed, we are going to do a horribly sung cover of this song (with yours truly singing off key like a beast). Anyway. The following sappy triolet is what I came up with after listening to this song. Enjoy, make fun, whatevs. huzzah!

Losing myself was never so fun
As when I was lost in you
It was precious moments in the sun
Losing myself was never so fun
Where had it all begun
This magical thing called you
Losing myself was never so fun
As when I was lost in you.


Revenge of the Damned

heads outside my window
speaking the language of the dead
their voices strained with agony
their souls lost forever in the void
they seek retribution
they seek a change
from their tortured existence
their voices rise in harmony
cursing the one
who had damned them
cursing the one who laughed
at their misfortune
cursing he who thought
he ruled their world
their voices
lifted upon the air
and carried by the wind
reached the wicked one
he heard their chant and laughed
when blood flew from his mouth
when he fell to the ground
and his head
floated to the ones he damned
when they devoured him
his soul caught in limbo
as they now laughed
at him
relishing his taste
in their revenge
their spirits rose
and disappeared

this poem is expanded from a dream I had in 1989.
make of it what you will.
written 2011



it’s my fear of belief


bring your caring

bag of the world

enter in

believe it, friend

believe it, my

periphery is muddling

I can’t think

I can’t see


noxious confoundery


not considered

indigo decisions keep you

from deciding

on merriment


keep a safe


undying needs

loyalty and winds

die out

from 5/14/12


I sigh and

brush the cobweb

from my face

a stillness

settles in

close my eyes to fall asleep

but i hear the sun

praying softly

as the moon

dances and twirls

my candlelit musings

extinguish guiltily

as the wind


my soul

a half hearted smile

as i grab the vine

for balance

the moon whispering songs

as my hair turns white

my angry eyes lie

my beating heart

speaks true

so i will dream

with the breath of two

written 2-11-12 and 5-14-12