underneath these tides

a pull, the sea is calling

answer cautiously, this sea

drowns it’s prisoners

only the free have forgot

these tides, this pull, is calling




i cannot catch my breath
my hands, tied with blue shoelace
caught between a lie and a bruised ego
his laugh fills this hallway
causing the ocean to swirl
shoelace tightens on blackness
the doorway remains locked

a toe dipped in sand

brace yourself, the waves hit hard

confusion taken out to sea

the cart of life floating close to shore

a reminder of love felt



Wicked Embrace

This wicked embrace it ties
My hopes and dreams, do they lie
In the blank face of memory
Scream these questions at the sky
Drown the answers in the deep sea
Filled with tears the gods have cried
This wicked embrace, it ties

We hear the dark lullaby
The end of all games draws nigh
The thoughts of one, the thoughts of three
Wherein the giants do sigh
Their oversized hearts filled with glee
Thoughts extinguishing the night
My hopes and dreams, do they lie

The wings of hope, do they fly
The shackles of peace, are they free
My hopes and dreams, do they lie
This wicked embrace, it ties

I was going to post this with audio, but our other computer is broken down at the moment. Boo! I’ll post some audio when we get it fixed. Have a great day all!












Is it worse than I think it is
Is that what I look like
Am I really this cold inside
Is my reflection true

Have I pounced upon the weak soul
of an innocent
Have my tears filled the sea
with regret
Has my frost bitten heart been kept lonely
With the rage of the fiery pit

Have my limbs grown weary
From walking these long miles in the cold
Unsure of the destination
I walk..I think…and I cry

Constantly battling false perceptions
Of who I am and who I am not
Am I really this cold inside
Does anyone see the real me

Will I ever be free of this prison
Walking in circles, I am tired
I am tired.
Yet I need to find the key

Will I ever be free of what I see
Reflection of me
Reflection of the world
Where is the light in all this darkness?
Where is the light in my reflection?
I wonder if I am blind.

Jan. 2011


do you see a door

there is a door, I saw it

it is in my mind



pathway to the sea

my toes dig into the sand

I hear you calling



this secret doorway

seen only by Queen’s decree

contains life’s sweet dreams



in the silence of this hall

I hear only one thing

the soft rush of the sea

as it meets the waiting shore

I tilt my head in longing

and breathe the deepest sigh

then spin myself in a circle

arms down at my side

I step onto the warm sand

from the doorway in my mind

I sprint towards the sea

leaving fear behind

I splash into the water

fall onto my back and float

the sea pulling me further out

white clouds floating serenely by

I float until the stars say hi

then calmly step back through the doorway

into the silence of this hall

to smile

and be at peace



the longing I have felt

for the weight

of your soul on mine

makes the days seem longer

than a thousand years.

just a glimpse of your smile

fills my tarnished soul

with the light

of the setting sun

making the pain seem less

making my heart’s beat

quiet to a dull roar.

the sea willingly screams

your name

for I cannot even breathe one

syllable without tears slipping

from my blinded eyes!

how can I live one more

day in the quiet darkness

of your soul’s absence?

I am incomplete.


written 20 January 2012