she peels off the tape – it itches
a morbid curiosity rises
will it bleed
for this pain has not lessened
pain smiles a close mouthed hello




I have some new posts at Musical Dreams and Angelic Dreams that you should check out if interested.  I have a lot on my plate but will hopefully be back to writing poetry within this year. I appreciate all my readers and hope that you all will enjoy the other two ‘connected’ blogs as well. Posts on Muscial Dreams is more of a daily life blog and reveals some insight into what I have been handling; along with my nerdy insights to topics I am interested in.  Angelic Dreams is where I like to post my short stories.  I am currently gathering information for a religious post on Musical Dreams.

Thank you all for reading and hope to see you ‘here’ soon.



And The Raven Laughs

The night, so dark and lonely
The day, so long and unjust
Meets the warrior with truth
His lies fall on dead ears
His looks fall on blind eyes
And his secrets, they die with his soul.

The night, so dark and lonely
The day, so long and unjust
Meets the love with anguish
Her screams follow the wind
Her tears lead a march to dry land
And her secrets, they die with her heart.

Both look to the sky for comfort
Finding only angry clouds
And in the midst of their confusion
They cry out, reaching for the other
Finding not love, but pain.

Hand clasped at her breast
She pulls out what has been hidden
A dagger; it’s gleam reaches the moon
And as she plunges it into her chest
She cries, “Relief from this pain”
“Release of your soul.”

Hands tap the left wrist
One, two, three, four
He feels whole, he feels safe
Relief from this pain
Resurrection of his soul
His eyes turn black as he sneers.

and the raven laughs.



my eyes do not know
how to look at you
the fire I started
surrounds my body
from within
it is comforting
while the waves
hit my feet
and disappear
how is it the clouds
know my pain
when all the world
can do is laugh
swim to me
come back to me
with the ease of the ancients
I know your soul
it bounces off my web
and settles
in the belly of giants


heart ticking loudly
maddening in its eccentricity
burning the past
with the flames
of tomorrow

the universe speaks
but who will listen
to its secrets

clock winds up for the pitch
and strikes out
the darkened prophet
as the sky
rains down anguish and
from its mind

a web of dreams
wiped from the face
of regret
and sung into the ears
of an unknown generation

hail to the wind
as it hurls the dreams
into the minds of others


On Abuse

Statistically, we cannot say how many people are abused because many times the abuse goes undocumented.  This happens either from fear of the victim(s), lack of action when it is reported, or death of the victim(s).  We, as Americans, have focused our attentions on foreign terrorists over the last few years.  What we tend to (willingly?) forget is there are terrorists within many homes across America.  For that matter, the same is true in homes across the world.   Do not be mistaken.  An abuser–whether mental, physical, or sexual–is a terrorist.  They use terror as their main tool of manipulation.

According to wikipedia, gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory and perception.  The abuser’s intent is to make the victim feel as though what is happening is their fault, and the abuser is blameless.  If the victim is unaware that what is happening is wrong, or believes it is their fault, then the abuse can go on and the abuser can maintain control.  Abusers will often manipulate or pressure their victim into taking illegal drugs.  If they can keep the victim’s state of mind altered, the victim remains docile and their perceptions of what is happening conforms to what the abuser wants them to believe.

A common misconception is that the only abuse worth mentioning is physical or sexual.  These types of abuse are horrid and should be reported immediately. However, emotional/mental abuse is just as horrid.  It leaves scars that sometimes never heal.  It is easier to heal from a hit to the face then it is to heal from a hit to the soul.  It breaks the victim down until they feel as though they are worthless; that they deserve the abuse.  They have a constant feeling they have done something wrong.  They live in constant fear they are not good enough.  The abuser will isolate the victim from friends and family so the only person the victim can rely on, the only person the victim gets input from, is the abuser.  The abuser will often spread false stories about the victim in order to exert his/her control.  If the victim sees that others believe the same as the abuser, the victim’s dependence on the abuser becomes more concrete.  The victim begins to believe the abuser is the only one who cares about them and when they say the ugly things, it is for their own good.

I am going to attach some articles on abuse and bullying that may help any reader who needs to understand this issue further. Being a music lover, I am also going to attach a song I thought went well with this blog entry.  The song belongs to the foo. Ahem, I mean Foo Fighters.

If you are being abused, please get help.  Resist. There are people out there who will help and support you — no matter what your abuser may have told you.  You are not worthless.  You are loved.  You are worthy of respect.  You are worthy of every dream you have ever had.

Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships
Introduction to Abuse
Violence against women