And The Raven Laughs

The night, so dark and lonely
The day, so long and unjust
Meets the warrior with truth
His lies fall on dead ears
His looks fall on blind eyes
And his secrets, they die with his soul.

The night, so dark and lonely
The day, so long and unjust
Meets the love with anguish
Her screams follow the wind
Her tears lead a march to dry land
And her secrets, they die with her heart.

Both look to the sky for comfort
Finding only angry clouds
And in the midst of their confusion
They cry out, reaching for the other
Finding not love, but pain.

Hand clasped at her breast
She pulls out what has been hidden
A dagger; it’s gleam reaches the moon
And as she plunges it into her chest
She cries, “Relief from this pain”
“Release of your soul.”

Hands tap the left wrist
One, two, three, four
He feels whole, he feels safe
Relief from this pain
Resurrection of his soul
His eyes turn black as he sneers.

and the raven laughs.



tap tap tap

Sound asleep I was
When the tap tapping had begun
What could it be, this
Tap tapping I hear so loudly

The sound arose from
My window, it frightened me
Chilled me to my core
This tapping from a dead man….

Don’t Dare To Sleep

I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide
My dead laughter echoing there
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes

In your subconscious I’ll abide
It may be more than you can bear
I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide

I’ll be the ultimate dream guide
Also the ultimate nightmare
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes

And now I would like to confide
Your mind is my personal lair
I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide

But since my sense of humor died
Your comfort’s the least of my cares
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes

I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide
I will always be lurking there
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes

I’ll take your thoughts on a train ride
Don’t whine, don’t say it isn’t fair
I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide

And since my sense of humor died
I’ll haunt your soul for many years
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes

And when you look up to the skies
Trying to rely on prayer
I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide

Even when I’ve broken your pride
And going insane is near
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes

I’ll always be by your side
Your mind is mine, I do declare
I’ll haunt your dreams, you cannot hide
Don’t dare to sleep, don’t close your eyes


Knock, Knock

He knocked on the door

He knocked once more

He knocked like he had never

knocked before.

He kicked and he screamed

He came apart at the seams

And his eyes took on an

insane little gleam.

He pounded and shouted

He was deeply devoted

He wondered why on earth

he had ever doubted


When he kicked open the door

And his boot landed on the floor

Of a hallway so dark, it

chilled him to the core,

He shivered and moaned

The dark chilled his bones

The fear inside him had

grown and grown.

Yet he still stepped inside

Closed the door, couldn’t hide

It seemed the darkness is where

he would abide.

He closed his eyes to the pain

His life, all in vain

He knew how nothing would ever

be the same.

So, falling to his knees

He imagined a cool breeze

And ended his life so he

could finally be free.


National Hopeline Network 800-SUICIDE

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK

Revenge of the Damned

heads outside my window
speaking the language of the dead
their voices strained with agony
their souls lost forever in the void
they seek retribution
they seek a change
from their tortured existence
their voices rise in harmony
cursing the one
who had damned them
cursing the one who laughed
at their misfortune
cursing he who thought
he ruled their world
their voices
lifted upon the air
and carried by the wind
reached the wicked one
he heard their chant and laughed
when blood flew from his mouth
when he fell to the ground
and his head
floated to the ones he damned
when they devoured him
his soul caught in limbo
as they now laughed
at him
relishing his taste
in their revenge
their spirits rose
and disappeared

this poem is expanded from a dream I had in 1989.
make of it what you will.
written 2011

The Hourglass

This horror poem was written in 1993.¬† It was accepted in 1995 for publication after my teacher helped me edit it. My father, thinking it was a “scam”, didn’t allow me to sign the authorization papers and send them back in..but being the hopeful writer – I still hold joy in the fact that something I wrote when I was 12 was good enough to be published.

Painting by Michael Whelan

The night grows dark around me

The hourglass runs low

The thing I see surrounds me

I have nowhere else to go

The thing I see grows nearer

I’ve nowhere else to go

The shape of it grows clearer

The hourglass runs low

The night grows bright around me

The shape before me clears

It’s him – the one who hurt me

 Author of all my fears

He laughs and tries to grab me

I’ve nowhere else to go

Screaming – I’ll never be free

The hourglass runs low

My thoughts – turn on a whim

I see what I’m here for

Blood everywhere – I killed him

Hourglass is no more.

To be a fly… (pg 2)

…continued from To be a fly…

Thomas cut the feed and looked around. He wanted to investigate further but Sanderson outranked him. Suspicious activity was low today. He saw no reason why he could not continue monitoring the strange man.

“His eyes flashed red,” Thomas said, straining to keep the aggravation out of his voice. “If that’s not a valid reason to watch him, then I’d like to know what is.”

Sanderson spun around on her heels.

“And just what excuse are you going to use when they ask why you were watching him? Huh? Free porn?!”

Thomas giggled and immediately regretted it. The stormy look Sanderson had gave him goosebumps.

“This is a serious matter,” Sanderson said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, ma’am!”

“It could have been a reflection of light.”

“I doubt it.”

“Turn the feed back on.”

Thomas grinned and switched on the feed. The man was still sitting there. Both agents leaned in to get a better look. His eyes were red. They did not flash, and it was not the light; they were completely red. Sanderson sat down as they were pulled into his world.

“I know you’re watching me,” the man whispered. “I don’t know who you are, but I know you’re watching. I’ve done nothing wrong, but I can if you like.”

The man smiled as the agents shuddered. Smoke began to rise from his fingers. The office grew hotter as the mirrors burst into flames, the glass shattering and swirling around the room. Sanderson cried out as her cheek was cut and began bleeding. She tried to crawl under the desk, but something was preventing her.

“Who are you,” rang clearly in her head.

She screamed again, her head shaking back and forth.

“So you’re not going to tell me,” she heard. “I was going to be nice. Oh well, your choice. Whatever you think you’re doing — stop. Never mind the theatrics.”

Sanderson opened her eyes and looked around the room. The mirrors were all intact. There was no fire. Thomas was looking at her strangely.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine.”

“Why is your cheek bleeding?”

Sanderson jumped a little and felt her cheek. Blood. She rubbed her fingertips together and shook her head. He obviously did not see anything.

“I’m not sure,” she said quietly.

“Good girl,” came a laugh within her head.

To be a fly…

inspired by: Oh to be a Fly on the Wall

“Sanderson, come look at this,” Agent Thomas said quietly.

Special Agent Danielle Sanderson rolled her eyes.

“What does this fool want now?” she wondered.

She glanced at his screen and gasped.

“What the hell?!” she said.

“You’ve got the hell part right!” he grinned. “That’s not his wife!”

Sanderson looked at Thomas in astonishment.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Monitoring,” he said, trying not to laugh. “You want sound?”

Sanderson looked around.

“Yeah, if…they’re having an affair…who knows what else they’re up to.”

Thomas and Sanderson laughed quietly when they heard what the lovers were saying.

“Do you think she’ll ever find out?” the woman asked while putting on her shirt.

The man snorted.

“She’s stupid.”

“Oh ok. But what if she does find out?”

The man reached over and slapped the woman. He grabbed her chin.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to question me?”

The woman shook her head, her golden hair hanging in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled.

“Don’t you have something to do,” the man smiled.

The woman got up and scurried to the door. She did not dare look back as she closed it and walked to her car.

The man laughed as his eyes flashed red.

Agent Thomas cut off the feed.

“Did his eyes…?”

“No,” Sanderson shook her head. “No.”

“What should we do?”

“Nothing. Just keep working”