Clouds of Longing

Painting by Jason Chan

The morning sun is shining yet there is a chill in my bones I cannot shake. I peek through the clouds of longing; searching once more for your presence.  I sledgehammer the wall of your resistance with raining love – but I still gain no entry.  Oh, how my heart pounds when I see your lovely face! My hands would love to caress your cheek and sing my heart’s song to you.  Please don’t go – remain in my sight until the moon climbs into the darkened sky.  My tears raining down from on high have grown a rose garden that shall warm your heart.  I will take flight on our love if you would only let me in.  From the moment I felt your soul’s essence I have sought to unify our hearts.  You are my other – I shall travel down from these clouds – to be unashamed in your presence.  The earth rumbles with my heartache – as you disappear from my sight once more. How long shall I await your return?! I will wait on my cloud of longing – slumbering with peace – the stars my blanket – the moon my laughing pillow.



my heart pounds and I

reach beyond the heights of our love

into space beyond

the stars twinkle

laughing gently as they

begin to spell our names with their light

how often have the gods

envied the love which has

settled within our souls

one kiss from you

and the earth trembles

one look from you

and my heart erupts

with molten lava

what shall happen

when our souls converge

when two become one

and destiny begins


written 20 January 2012