Syria Deux

Information on the online Syria campaigns and other information can be found in my blog entry Syria .

The WORLDWIDE twitter campaign info can be found Here. Yes…here.

Donations to help aid the free people of Syria can be made here / Be a hope smuggler–you know you want to 🙂

“Twitter Campaign for #Syria in 3 hours at 9 pm Syria // 3 pm USA Eastern // 10 pm Saudi // 7 pm London time.” Linkety-Link via @SyriaCampaigns

current twitter hashtags include: #UnitedAgainstAssad and #UnitedWithSyrians

Please help be the light that shines within their darkness.



No poem today..

Please support the free people of Syria. They need our help.

Information can be found at (I own none of these sites or their information) :









CNN is providing consistent coverage of the events in Syria. You can also find information on their website

The following Syria campaign is in effect. If you have a twitter, please participate:

We want @GoogleDoodles to change their logo on March 15 to support #Syria. Take these 3 easy steps to help: by @SyriaCampaigns

Donate at least 1 tweet today for Syria. Tweet @GoogleDoodles asking them to change their doodle on March 15. Use the hashtag: #Google4Syria by @SyriaCampaigns

The more tweets that @GoogleDoodles receives, the more likely they are to take our request under consideration. #Google4Syria #Syria by @SyriaCampaigns


Almost 35,000 signatures! Sign and share this petition to get @GoogleDoodles to change logo on March 15: #Google4Syria by @SyriaCampaigns

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