Knock, Knock

He knocked on the door

He knocked once more

He knocked like he had never

knocked before.

He kicked and he screamed

He came apart at the seams

And his eyes took on an

insane little gleam.

He pounded and shouted

He was deeply devoted

He wondered why on earth

he had ever doubted


When he kicked open the door

And his boot landed on the floor

Of a hallway so dark, it

chilled him to the core,

He shivered and moaned

The dark chilled his bones

The fear inside him had

grown and grown.

Yet he still stepped inside

Closed the door, couldn’t hide

It seemed the darkness is where

he would abide.

He closed his eyes to the pain

His life, all in vain

He knew how nothing would ever

be the same.

So, falling to his knees

He imagined a cool breeze

And ended his life so he

could finally be free.


National Hopeline Network 800-SUICIDE

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK


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