Angelic Dreams

She stared into the depths; her wings fluttering softly as her heart ached.  They had killed her only family and taken away her feeling of safety.  She could feel the darkness spiraling towards her.  It was insistent on claiming her, yet she still resisted.  Oh, how easy it would be to submit to the dark!  Her animalistic side hungered for it.  She began to reach toward the dark spirals with longing; whimpering softly as she felt the pull of surrender.

“In this deep darkness,” she heard. “A stillness lies in wait. Be careful, star child, the deep has teeth.”

She hesitated and pulled back.  She shuddered as the fingertips of darkness touched her mind.  Her arms rose toward the light and danced mid-air.  She looked to the stars with wonder as her happiness faded into the moon’s laughing mouth. She was tired to her soul.  The tears fell easily on…

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