Angelic Dreams

The old woman lays her head down to rest. She is weary after a full life. Three children, now grown, had lives and children of their own. Her husband, the man she had shared this life with, had passed away a few days before. They had laid him to rest today—at noon.

She sighs and looks out the window, across the field to the oak tree that sat in the middle. It stood by itself, watching everything with a lazy reverence. Upon it’s top branch a cobweb was spun. The spider who had created this trap was long gone, as well as bits and pieces of the web itself. And so it sat alone – gently moving with each breeze, waiting patiently to float away.

The old woman breathed slowly as she imagined this cobweb. Her hopes and fears were taken out of it. Her love, her family, her life…

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