Because of Him

This poem was written in 1995.  I will probably post old stuff (retro!) for a little while. I am working on a couple of projects…I am not going to edit them–I’m just going to post them as I wrote them then. Thanks and enjoy this blast to the past!


Because of Him

The room closes around her

And the light grows dim

She sees nothing as it used to be

All because of him

She stumbles around in the darkness

Knowing it’s not her place to be there

But, for some reason, she feels safe

It’s like someone really cares

She kneels down and begins to cry

Hoping she won’t be this way forever

No, she thought, only for eternity

She knew she couldn’t get out of there, not ever

She breaks down and starts to scream

Not caring if anyone hears her

She lets her mind wander,

But not letting her feelings stir

Because of him, she thought

My life is shattered

She doesn’t know what to think anymore

She feels betrayed and battered

She has to get over that feeling

Or it’s the end of her life

She needs to live life to the fullest

Not end it with a knife

As she pulls herself from the darkness

She learns to love herself even more

For it doesn’t matter what other people think

As long as God helps her feelings soar.


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