“God’s Fingernail”

(had to re-embed video! user problems! 🙂 )
I do not own any of the videos or their content.

However, the photo is mine.

There are times when you see something on television or in a movie that rings true for you. It touches you and explains perfectly what it is you have been struggling to say.

God’s fingernail

scraping me out

when I become someone

I don’t want to be

when I become someone

He doesn’t

want me to be

 Then there are other times you are so low ~ it seems all your eyes can do is rain ~ while your mind thunders ~ and your soul sends bolts of lightning to your heart. The pain is so overwhelming you begin to wonder “what’s the point?”. …then you see something that reminds you God *IS* there, and He *IS* listening…

I saw this one day when I was running errands in town…



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